Monday, February 18, 2013

TARDIS Clock Drawer!

 Today I finally got to make the first drawer in my Crafting Hutch of Epicness Apothecary Drawers Thing! For reference, and to make this submittable to the Pinstrosiversary, here is the link to the drawers. And for those coming from the Pinstrosity website, I'm also the maker of the Captain America shoes. :P

First, here's the back story.

Mine will look a bit different because I only have one of the cubbies things instead of two like the original pin. I was going to have an armoire originally but changed my mind when I saw the pin but still wanted drawers on the bottom. I found some drawers for much cheaper that were part of the brand and system that the organizer came from which was awesome! However, it made the thing a lot shorter than I thought so I'll either buy another set of drawers or get some sort of boost to make it taller.

Here's what it looks like after I assembled the two parts. They're built to go together so they stack perfectly.

It's only about 4 feel tall and I'll probably add another two drawers to it. The original pin has stacked two of the cubbies but that was too many drawers for me.


I have been putting down ideas for drawer fronts since I found this in early January. It gives me something to do while at work. :P  This one was actually the latest idea I had. I have very recently become a Whovian and realized that the TARDIS is a great size for the dimensions of the drawer front. That would be easy enough- just print out a picture and use mod podge for the first time to put it on the front. Then inspiration struck. Why not put a clock kit in it and make it truly time themed? The inspiration was there and the tools were at my fingertips! I was so excited I could hardly stand it!

I got the clock kit last week but didn't have time to print out a color picture of the TARDIS until today which we did at a local place that has a photo kiosk, mainly because none of my dad's color printers work. I would have hand painted it, but I would have needed a ton of paint and detailwork so I settled for just a picture. I was so excited to try out mod podge for the first time and finally sat down at the table and got to work.

 I printed out a 4X6 picture that I cropped which was just slightly long and half an inch short. I took a sharpie and colored the edges of the plywood so they would be black instead of unfinished. I was worried about the clock hands being too long but they ended up being just right and weren't close to the edges at all. By the way the mod podge worked perfectly and I'm very pleased with how it turned out. The only bummer is a couple brush bristles got stuck in it. Oh well, we're human haha.

 Here is the drawer front with the clock installed. My dad just drilled a hole where I asked him to and then we carefully assembled the clock kit as per directions. I'm planning on all the knobs to be where the clock is so on this one the knob is a blue pushpin from my old bulletin board. PS- the clock works! Also, it ticks very quietly so it won't be super loud in the middle of the night!

 The original pin used priority mailing cardboard for the sides because she had an abundance of them. I don't have any so I used poster board, which is pretty cheap, especially in white, at my craft store of choice (which happens to be Michaels). Here it is fitted (rather snugly!) where I want it to be. You can just barely see the knob which is how I want it on this drawer.

PS- My dad has about 30 knobs after replacing them from the cabinets in their house so I'll be good on most of them except the specialty ones in different shapes. Score!

Here it is! My dad used his special super cool air powered stapler to put in the cutest little staples. The sides go all the way up like in the original pin but in the future we're cutting 2 inches off the sides because that way I can get 4 drawer sides instead of 2 per posterboard. The knob is just a tiny blue decorative pushpin and so far the thing works great!

I'm going to be keeping flashlights, batteries, and screwdrivers in this drawer once it's all assembled. I can't wait!

This was a definite pin spin win!


Serena Heinz said...

you did an awesome job, very very unique and I am stealing it. LOL

Alaskan Girl said...

That is freaking awesome! Totally stealing (& linking)!